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Vacuum Oil / Vacuum Pump Oil

Vacuum Oil / Vacuum Pump Oil

Winner Coolpack provides Vacuum oil / Vacuum Pump Oil is basically a mineral oil that has been refined through many processes. It is available in certain viscosities and low vapour pressures. It is a lubricant used to keep a vacuum pump running efficiently, and without it, the pump would break down. When used, it carries out the function of accurately lubricating the pumping mechanism, and in doing so, it also collects the containments and moisture from its systems. For all machines and products that make use of a vacuum pump, it is essential to find out what oil is most suitable for them and use it appropriately, as only with this can expensive breakdown and repair costs be avoided.

The Benefits of Vacuum Oil / Vacuum Pump Oil If you look into how a vacuum pump work, you will find that veer a period of time, when it is being used continuously, a pressure will build inside it which is called vapor pressure. This pressure will cause problems for the pump by contaminating it. Hence, it will not work efficiently. The vacuum will trap gas molecules but does not show any reaction to gases and materials. It is stable and has a low vapor pressure, so it is effective in keeping the pump in good working condition. Using a high quality vacuum oil helps the vaccum machine perform to its optimal level.

It is not traditional oils that are used in a vacuum pump but oils that are made from silicone else non-hydrocarbon fluids. Some of the many need for a vacuum oil / Vacuum Pump Oil includes lubrication, cooling, noise reduction, protection from corrosion, removing contaminants and sealing. Such is the ingredients of the oil that is chemically stable even when the pump is working at a high temperature. It does not create any health problems and will not show any reaction to the pumped materials.

Winner Electronics was established by a Civil Engineer of 1968 batch as a manufacturer of import substitute parts for Photo copier Machines. His first industrial venture was to manufacture Vacuum deposited Selenium plates and Drums for automatic Photo Copiers. During this repairing job we found that every other machine of popular brand has some unique design or component in it. If needed we make further development in such component and use this technology. This is the reason we can match with any popular brand of Europe.

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Physical And Chemical Properties

Physical Form: Liquid
Color Colorless
Specific Gravity @25°c 0.86g/ml
Viscosity 68mm²/s
Freezing/Melting Point Not determined
Flash Point 176°c
Fire point 200°C
Vapour Pressure@100°c <1 Pa
PH Not determined
Volatile Content Not determined