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Dry Vacuum Pump


Product Description:
The product feature of screw rotor type vacuum pump -
Hanbell PS Series vacuum dry pump which has gear transmission is equipped with coupling rotors, so the clearance between rotors can be minimum and the pump can be operated with out extra lubrication in the chamber; therefore, it's a oil free design compare with other similar products. With the patented screw rotor profile, the sealing effect between rotors is excellent and the ultimate working pressure can reach 7.5 x 10-3 Torr。Because the discharge route of our design is shorter compare with other products, it can have better effect on removing dusts. Besides that all rotors have the special coating on them, so our vacuum pump can be used in some production process such as PECVD and Etching.

Precise temperature control -
Hanbell screw rotor vacuum dry pump is equipped with new generation screw rotor and has been improved its cooling design by using a water tank to largely reduce the chamber temperature. Therefore it can precisely control the temperature inside the chamber and reduce the possibility of having debris inside the tank to improve the life time of vacuum pump.

High safety by sealing motor design -
PS series vacuum dry pump use patented sealing motor design which is cooled by cooling water can not only provide a good working temperature for motor to improve motor's life, but also avoid the risk of gas leakage when operating.

Overall protection by micro controller -
PS series vacuum pump can also be equipped with micro controller to monitor the motor current, motor temperature, chamber temperature, cooling water flow rate, nitrogen flow rate, and oil level of gear box to provide a better protection for vacuum pump. This function is really useful for photonics industry, semi conductive industry, solar energy and TFT-LCD industry which all have very high demand on product's quality assurance. (Technical Data For Ps Series Dry Vacuum Pump)