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Molecular Vacuum Pump

Molecular Vacuum Pump

Molecular Vacuum Pump

Product Description:
WVP-WGFF SERIES are designed for very high inlet pressure, high pumping speed, and low power consumption. These series can run up while the inlet pressure is enhanced 1000 pa working while the inlet pressure is enhanced 400pa continue working 5min while the inlet pressure at 2000pa, 2min while the inlet pressure at 3000pa, the max inlet pressure support is 6000pa

One of the most ingenious types of vacuum pumps in the world is the Molecular Vacuum Pump. Their key feature is that they operate at a very high speed, which is usually between 24,000 and 90,000 RPM. The operating pressure of such pumps varies from high to ultra high, so they can generate the vacuum output needed very fast. The key feature of these pumps is that when gas molecules are hit by a solid surface, they move in a particular direction. The working parts of this pump are similar to those of a multi-blade turbine.

Molecular Vacuum Pump Features :
The key feature of these types of pumps is that they have a rotor with turbine-shaped blades and a stator that has a flexed blade. It is widely used and finds application in various machinery types such as deposition, etching, spluttering, flat panel display, analysis and much more. The operation of this type of pump is very simple. As the gas molecules enter through the inlet pot, they are pushed by the pump's rotating blades at a very high speed. Hence, they move towards the lower part of the chamber. Here the gas molecules become compressed and they undergo many stages, after which they are sent out through the exhaust port.

two key areas in which the molecular vacuum pump is very essential for functioning is in the production process for collage cells and so semiconductors. There are many benefits to using this type of a pump the foremost being that it is easy to operate and it does not require many efforts in maintenance. it is mainly used in applications here it is essential to have a high speed pump working in a high to ultra high vacuum range. It is also an environment friendly pump as it offers hydrocarbon free operation.

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