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Piston Vacuum Pump WH Series

Piston Vacuum Pump

Piston Vacuum Pump WH Series

We WINNER COOLPACK are masters in supplying our clients Piston vacuum pump suitable for pumping ordinary gases and little condensable gases (for example water vapour) with a gas ballast used.

Product Description
Before operating The pump must be fitted with appropriate accessories if gas is rich in oxygen, explosive, corrosive, to ferrous metal, chemical, reactive with vacuum pump oil. The pump cab is operated singly. It also can be used as a backing pump when combined with another high vacuum pump such as diffusion pump oil booster vacuum pump and roots vacuum pump. Rotary piston vacuum pump can be used for a longer time than the sliding vane rotary vacuum pump.

Piston Vacuum Pump has large demand in photovoltaic industry, aviation industry,petroleum nd chemical industry, pharma industry, vacuum heat processing, vacuum coating, ceramics industry etc.

The Piston Vacuum Pump WH Series is an efficient vacuum pump series that can be used in rugged environments without worrying about breakdown or failure. These pumps are simple in their operation and easy-to-use. Check out the wide range of models here to find one suitable for your specific industrial needs. These pumps are suitable for pumping ordinary gases and also condensable gases using gas ballast.

About the Piston Vacuum Pump WH Series
In this type of pump, there is a piston sealed against a cylinder when it moves. There is vacuum generation and compression. The movement of the piston occurs inside the cylinder, and it is connected to the crankshaft through a connecting rod. So when the crankshaft moves, the piston also moves back and forth. It can be easily used as a backing pump when pumps like a booster, root, or diffusion pump are used. Air is pushed out of an area when the piston moves inside the cylinder. When it moves down, air is pulled into the cylinder, and vice versa happens when it moves upwards. Some of the many industries that make use of it include chemicals, pharmaceuticals, vacuum heat processing, ceramics, aviation, etc.

It is to be understood that the basic piston vacuum pump is a mechanical vacuum pump type that moves gas through a piston's reciprocating motion with an rotating shaft that is an eccentric piston. It is a pump that works without oil, hence it is possible for air backflow through the siding part that lies between the piston ring and cylinder. Piston Vacuum Pump WH Series models have low power consumption and generates very little noise. As it is made from high quality material, it is strong, durable, and long-lasting. Some examples of its application includes the medical lab equipment, medical oxygen generator, vacuum packing machines and much more. It is suitable for use in environments where there is the need to handle dry, non-condensable loads.

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