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Direct Drive Rotary Vane High Vacuum Pump 2wxz - C Series

Dry Vacuum Pump

Direct Drive Rotary Vane High Vacuum Pump 2wxz - C Series

Product Description:
This series of pumps are improved on the type of 2WXZ. We adopt foreign advanced technology and experiences. It is used for pumping the water vapor in sealed vessel to make the vessel in a vacuum. It can also be as fore pump of the high vacuum or super high vacuum equipments.

Structural features:

  • • Small volume, Low Weight and Low Noise.
  • • Equipped with gas ballast valve to pump a little water vapor.
  • • Double stage High ultimate vacuum.
  • • Advanced lubricating system, Easy maintenance & usage.
  • • Equipped with oil anti-suck back device.
  • • While keeping the inlet pressure at 1.33 X 10¯ 3Pa, still can run continuously.
  • • No oil leak, no spray, no pollution. The exhaust of 2WXZ -6C, 2WXZ -8C, 2WXZ -15 C, and, 2WXZ -25C is assembled with oil mist collector.

It is widely used in vacuum smelting, vacuum coating, monocrystal silicon polysilicon distilling industry, food packaging, aerospace technology, semiconductor, electronics, refrigeration equipment, medical treatment, Chemical laboratory or laboratory of universities and colleges, Distillation Process, Dehydration Process, Thin Film Coating process, Filtration Process, Freeze-drying of food & drugs etc., Vacuum Impregnation.