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Diffusion Pump WTK / KT Series

Diffusion Pump

Diffusion Pump WTK / KT Series

It is widely used for high science and technology domain of vacuum furnace, vacuum coating, electron, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation space light, material, creature medicine, atomic energy and universe probe etc.

Main Features:

  • • High pumping speed (compared with series WK pumping speed of series WTK/WKT is increased by 30-50%).
  • • Reliable operation.
  • • Long service life.

Wk Oil Diffusion Pump
Application: Electronics industry, Chemical engineering, atomic energy industry, space simulation test.


  • • High Pumping Speed.
  • • Working pressure: 10-2-10-5pa.
  • • Producing high vacuum.
  • • Simple structure easy operation convenient maintenance.

If you have been searching for a high-quality, durable and robust pump, one that will give the necessary output time and again, check out the modern diffusion pump. It works by pushing the gas molecules that come inside the chamber through the diffusion method towards the output using a speedy jet flow of oil vapour from a nozzle. In industrial vacuum processing, this pump is one of the most commonly used ones, especially in areas like research and development, nanotechnology, and analytical instrumentation.

Why Is A Diffusion Pump WTK / KT Series Needed?
One of the main reasons for switching over to a Diffusion Pump WTK / KT Series is that it is affordable. In the case of various types of machinery that need the use of a vacuum pump to carry out their operation, this would be economical. The pump is designed to be easy to operate and also to maintain. What is unusual about the diffusion pump is that it does not have any moving parts, and that's why it is easy to maintain and operate. Its operation is very simple as it makes use of hot oil molecules to transport gas molecules from the inlet to the exhaust. It works at a speed that exceeds the speed of sound, thus creating a fast vapour jet.

The way this pump works is different from the functioning of a typical gain displacement pump. It makes use of the vapor coming out of a boiling fluid to catch air molecules. After this process is over, the boiling liquid is carried to another place and then cooled. As a result it is also called the fluid entrainment pump. In order for this pump to work efficiently it needs hydrocarbon fluids. This type of a pump is most useful in large area coating, soldering and e-beam welding.

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