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Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pump

Roots Vacuum Pump

Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pump

Product Description
WINNER COOLPACK make WDP Series diaphragm type Vacuum pumps & Compressor which are manufactured from special grade aluminium for light weight and good strength. Diaphragms are made of NYLON/PTFE reinforced neoprene, Viton rubber. Valves are SS 316 while special sealed bearings are used hence no lubrications is required.

Main Features

  • Noiseless performance, Absolutely Portable
  • Totally Oil - free construction Practically maintenance free
  • Special diaphragms available (TEFLON / VITON etc)
  • Built - in micro suction filter
  • Extra large bearings for trouble - free and smooth running
  • Pump available with chemical resistive parts
  • PP / PVC / TEFLON / SS contact parts)
  • Motors available in single a well as three phase construction
  • Application

  • Chemical & Pharma Laboratories, Filtration, Degassing, Solvent distillation.
  • Pollution Control Equipment’s, Material Handling Equipment's.
  • Labelling Machine, Glass forming, paper printing, Pick & Place.
  • Medical Equipments.
  • Winner Coolpack Of the many types of pumps available, an important one is the Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pump. In this type, there is a membrane moving up and down that compresses the gas that comes via the pump inlet. The typical vacuum range of such pumps is between 0.5 and 1000 mbar. This pump is also called the membrane displacement pump, and it is a positive displacement pump.

    Why Use a Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pump?
    When you examine the working of the diaphragm pump, you will find it to be perfectly suitable for use in sensitive devices. It works in the same way as a bicycle pump, with just one air intake and one output cycle in a single pump revolution. In products where the engineer has to come up with a design that needs the movement of gases and liquids, this pump is of utmost necessity to help the product work efficiently. These types of pumps can be configured according to specific needs, and they have no sliding seals. They work efficiently and will not break down with constant usage.

    Winner Electronics was established by a Civil Engineer of 1968 batch as a manufacturer of import substitute parts for Photo copier Machines. His first industrial venture was to manufacture Vacuum deposited Selenium plates and Drums for automatic Photo Copiers. During this repairing job we found that every other machine of popular brand has some unique design or component in it. If needed we make further development in such component and use this technology. This is the reason we can match with any popular brand of Europe.

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    Technical Specifications

    Model Max Flow (LPM) Max Vacuum (Inch/Hg) Max.Pressure (psig) Approx. Weight (Kg) Motor (Hp)
    WDP - 15 15 22” 25 2.7 1/20
    WDP – 15 WD 15 22 25 2.5 1/20
    WDP – 25 S 15 27” 35 4.1 1/16
    WDP – 25 P 25 22” 25 4.2 1/16
    WDP – 45 S 45 22” 35 6.2 1/8
    WDP – 75 S 45 27” 55 9.0 1/4
    WDP – 75 P 75 22” 40 9.0 1/4
    WDP – 25 WD 15 27” 25 3.5 1/16
    WDP – 45 WR 28 22” 10 5.8 1/8
    WDP – 75 WR 38 22” 10 8.7 1/4
    WDP – 45 W 35 22” 20 18 1/4