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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump 2wbe3 Series


We WINNER COOLPACK introduce liquid ring vacuum pumps 2 Wbe3 series which are highly efficient and energy saving products developed by our company . We are experienced in this field and have lot of scientific achievements and production experiences over the years. We always make use of internationally advanced technique of similar products.

Product Description:
Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump 2wbe3 Series is also applicable for corrosive gases .Also, corrosive liquid can be used as treatment fluid by modifying materials of parts. Our Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump 2wbe3 Series is widely used in paper making chemistry, pharmacy, coal dressing, mineral, stoneware, and chemical fertilizer due to their outstanding and reliable performance and durability.

Main features:
• 2WBE3 vacuum pump set the suction and discharge flanges both on the top and sides with the same diameter so on site installations
   are more flexible and convenient.
• The material of the impeller is welded with nodular iron or steel to ensure the high stability and increase the lifetime of the pump
    greatly during any hard conditions.
• The pump body is made of steel or stainless steel plates to increase the lifetime of the pump.
• The mechanical seals (option) adopt the imported parts to fully ensure the pump in the long-running process without leakage.
• The gap, corrosion status, fouling situation can be easily observed by the big inspection port on both sides of the pump cover.
• All bearings adopt the imported products in order to ensure precise orientation of impeller and high stability during the running.
• The pulley (when the pump is driven by the belt) adopts standard high precise taper bushing pulley to keep the reliable running
    and increase its lifetime, also it is easy to dismantle.
• The shaft sleeve as the most easily damaged part, our shaft sleeve is made of stainless steel to increase the lifetime of the pump five
   times than normal material.
• Special separator built-on the pump can save the space and reduce the noise efficiently.
• All the castings by the resin sands with great quality, no puttying. Keep the heat dissipation is the best.